Plenty of Activities for Kids Whatever the Weather

It’s always hard trying to find fun activities for kids to do and if you have to take the weather into consideration, then it’s even harder. That’s why LEGOLAND Japan should be your first choice, because there are plenty of fun activities to keep your kids entertained all day, no matter what the weather maybe like outside.


What can we do when it’s hot outside?

If it’s a scorcher of a day you can take relief at our water park and water based rides:

  • Splash Pad in LEGO City is the place to be on a hot day, and there’s always a beach party happening that the whole family can enjoy as the water is only 10cm deep. Slide down the LEGO shaped slide or stand under the buckets as they get too full of water and tip over.

  • S.Q.U.I.D Surfer in Adventure land is a super fun ride where you are guaranteed to get wet. Jump on the Jet Boat, themed pods and duck and dive to avoid the water bombs your spectators will be setting off.

  • Splash Battle in Pirate Shores puts you behind your own water cannon as you navigate through pirate infested waters as you aim your watery cannons at each other.

  • LEGO Factory Tour - ok so this isn’t a water ride but it's lovely and air conditioned so still a “cool” place to be, as you also get to see how LEGO is made. Pick a piece straight from the production line as a souvenir. If that’s not cool enough for you, there’s also an ice cream factory within the LEGO Factory where we have 10 different flavours of icecream to choose from and toppings a plenty. YUM!

What can we do when it’s cold outside?

If it’s cold or raining or snowing, no problem, there are so many indoor activities to choose from, like the Lost Kingdom or Submarine Adventure rides in Adventure Land, taking a tour of our LEGO Factory, watching a 4D movie at Palace Cinema or NINJAGO Live, but our most popular indoor activity are our Creative Workshops.


  1. Simple Machines (3-6 years) - Learn how the mechanisms work on the moving LEGO machines. This helps acquire logical and manual dexterity (moving things with their hands).

  2. Robotics for Young Beginners (7-9 years) - Learn the basic principles of programming by using a tablet to complete a mission.

  3. LEGO Boost Workshop (7-12 years) - starting with a basic ready made robot, kids will combine programming and building to make their own super robot.

  4. Robot Box (10-12 years) - kids play with a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 which has its own brain, known as the “Intelligent Block” and use programming by trial and error to give it a command.

  5. Build a Car Advanced Class (Certification Required, 7 years-adult) - learn a basic way to build your own car and enter into a challenge with it. Available on Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays.

  6. LEGO Golf Advanced Workshop (Certification Required, 3-6 years) - Use Duplo Block to build a Golf Machine and see how many balls you can hit at the target. Available on Saturday, Sundays and School Holidays.

  7. LEGO Mask Advanced Class (Certification Required, 6 years - adult) - create your own original mask as you learn how to use rare block and also enjoy a photo opportunity with photo flames. For a limited time only.

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