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Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Based on Article 11 of the Specified Commercial Transaction Act, we explain as follows:


  • Seller:



  • Manager:

Yoshiyuki Honda, representative director


  • Address:

2-2-1, Kinjoufutou, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Japan, 455-8605

  • Telephone No.:

Contact us

Telephone inquiries:

Business hours:

  • LEGOLAND Japan/SEA LIFE Nagoya(Available year-round)
  • LEGOLAND Japan Hotel(Monday to Saturday)

*The telephone number for international calls is 050-5840-0505
*Automated information is available 24 hours a day.
*Telephone charges are the responsibility of the caller.
*Telephone inquiries are recorded to confirm content and for further service improvement.

  • E-mail address:


  • URL


  • Sales prices:

As set forth in the purchase pages of tickets and commodities


  • Manner of payment:

Settlement with credit card (limited to credit card brands designated by the Seller (VISA and MasterCard))


  • Time of Payment:

Settlement by a credit card company by means of sending to it the necessary information of a Customer at the time of completion of inputting of the Customer’s credit card information on the screen of “Settlement with Credit Card”. For the timing of settlement between the credit card company and the Customer, please refer to the credit card company.


  • Delivery of Tickets, etc. and Timing thereof: 

Tickets will be issued at the issuing counter of the Facilities when a Customer visits them, based on the order No. transmitted from the Company at the time of purchase of the tickets. Sending of tickets by mail or courier is not performed.


  • Replacement, Cancelation, etc. 

No replacement or change of issued tickets or cancellation of purchase