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How to enjoy the Park

Get New AWESOME Experience

Get a Original LEGO Brick!

Join the LEGO Factory tour, we will give a "factory LEGO brick" per person at the last of the tour!

※Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
※Design of LEGO Bricks might change depends on seasons or events.

Minifigure Trading 650

Minifigure Trading

It’s very simple to swap your minifigures. Bring a complete minifigure with you and find a minifigure on a LEGOLAND team member's name badge that you would like to trade then Ask to trade!

Don't forget to say the password "Minifig Touch!" The new minifigure is yours to keep, or trade with again and again!

What is Minifigure Trading?
38 Lego Model 650

Photogenic Spot

So much LEGO everywhere in the park!
Take a picture when you find your favorite stuff.

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Other Awesome Options

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Figure Sweet Stop Builder3