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Appropriate for

Height restrictions:No limit

Recommended for children between 6~12 years old

Pharaoh's Revenge 09

Pharaoh's Revenge

Step into Pharaoh’s Revenge and commandeer one of the six shooting stations as you wait for the two giant cannons to shoot out a stream of soft foam balls.
Grab the balls quickly and load them into your cannons and take aim and fire at targets and your friends.
The fun continues as you explore and climb the attraction in this two story wooden fort.
Located next to The Lost Kingdom Adventure, it is a great way to burn some energy before waiting in line for a ride, or a good place for younger kids who can’t or don’t want to ride on The Lost Kingdom Adventure.

[Area]  Adventure

[Type]  Playarea、With roof

What's makes THIS special

There are many tricks using balls!

Let's play with lots of balls and tricks in a space like a secret base!

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