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VIP Experience

Enjoy a tailor-made experience like no other,
with your very own VIP host
to guide you on your journey!

What to expect?

Multiple premium experiences exclusive to VIP Guests, such as, such as participating in our park opening ceremony with our seasonal mascots, sessions with model builders, and much, much more!

Enjoy a variety of services such as designated seating on shows, rides and attractions; as well as unlimited food and beverage from any restaurant or stand within the park!

Avoiding wait times at both attractions and restaurants with priority queuing, allowing you to maximize your AWESOME throughout the day!

What a premium experience!

Want to customize your VIP Journey?
We’re here to tailor to your needs!

Our VIP team are dedicated to making your experience like no other.
Tell us what would you like to focus on the most during your journey, such as:

  • ・Rides and Attractions!
  • ・LEGO Bricks and Building Experience!
  • ・Overall Highlights of LEGOLAND Japan Resort!

Our dedicated VIP team

Looking for the most exclusive LEGOLAND experience possible?
Our dedicated VIP team has you covered!

VIP hosts are the professionals who make VIP guests’ day the best it can be. They know LEGOLAND Japan Resort better than anyone else! Not only they support creating your day schedule, but they'll even let you in on some of the best-kept secrets about our Resort!

How to Book


Click “Book Now” and select an available date.
*Bookings are only available up to 2 days prior to visit date.


Groups between 1 to 3 person(s) are charged at a flat rate regardless of group size (¥150,000).
For groups of 4 and over, each individual from the 4th person onward will be charged at a flat rate per person (¥50,000). A maximum of 8 people can be reserved at one time (Group of 3 + 5 extra individuals).

*Children aged 2 and under are free, and do not require to be registered at the time of booking.


Our concierge will contact you after purchase.

*Emails communication will be sent from the following address:

We will contact you as soon as possible, but if you do not hear from us, please contact our call center. +81-50-5840-0505.


A dedicated VIP team member will contact you to discuss the details of your booking; including your group demographic, intentions, and information to maximize your guest journey experience!


On the day of your VIP experience, it is the duty of our dedicated VIP host(s) to make sure you create an awesome memorable experience like no other!

Contact Us

For more information fill out the form below and submit


About VIP Experience


Pricing starts from 150,000JPY

  • *Initial 150,000 cost covers a group of 1 to 3 person(s) maximum (Excludes children aged 2 years old or under).
    *Adults and children are charged at a flat rate (Children under 2 years old are free, and are not required to register at the time of booking)
    *For groups exceeding 3 person(s), each individual from the 4th person onward will be charged 50,000JPY
    *Total maximum group size is 8 person(s), which is made up of the initial price (max of 3) plus 5 additional guests.

How to purchase?

Click on the purchase button below and select the dates available for reservation.
*Reservations are restricted to capacity, and are only available up to 2 days prior to your intended visit.
After your purchase, our VIP team will contact you from a dedicated email address ( ) and discuss with you about the details of your visit.
We will contact you as soon as possible, but if you do not hear from us, please contact our call center. +81-50-5840-0505

What to Expect?

  • Single Day Admission to LEGOLAND Japan and SEA LIFE Nagoya
  • Free VIP Parking​ - Super close to the entrance!
  • Free stroller rental
  • Unlimited Food and Beverages*
  • Priority access to rides and attractions
  • Joining the Park Opening Ceremony
  • Session time with the model builder in a special room only VIP Guests are allowed to enter
  • ”Miniland Residency” for a Minifigure with the VIP Guest‘s name on it (which will stay for 1 year from visit)
  • A dedicated VIP host to escort you and your family for up to 6 hours, whilst also covering interesting Park and LEGO model facts
  • Souvenir VIP lanyard​ for all guests
  • VIP Factory Brick for all guests
  • Exclusive souvenirs
  • *All VIP amenities are only valid during the duration of the VIP experience with the host
    *Reserved Show Seating is based on advance request, season, and weather.
    *Food and Beverage options are limited to availability and can only be consumed whilst on the premises.
    *Rides or Shows may be down due to technical difficulties or safety compliance, resulting in a change in a show or seating arrangements.