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Tips for Minifigure Trading

It’s very simple to swap your minifigures.
Bring a complete minifigure with you and find a minifigure on a LEGOLAND team member's name badge that you would like to trade then Ask them to trade!
Don't forget to say the password "Minifig Touch!" The new minifigure is yours to keep, or trade with again and again!


At Park

STEP 1 – Bring or Build a LEGO Minifigure Whether you bring one from home or buy one from our retail shops, you may trade any LEGO Minifigure! It can be old and worn or new and shiny. However, they must be LEGO Minifigures and traded in complete form, including head, torso and legs. That goes for our LEGOLENA(aka LEGOLAND Japan employee), too!

STEP 2 - Find the Minifigure on a LEGOLAND team member's name badge you would like to trade for! Trade a complete Minifigure with any LEGOLENA across the Resort or at a designated Trading Post.

STEP 3 - Ask to trade With your own Minifigure in hand, you may ask a LEGOLENA to trade! (Don't worry, they'll say yes!) They get your Minifigure for their Brick Badge, and you get that new one you've had your eye on! 

STEP 4 - Air touch where they cannot reach. Let's do "Minifig Touch!" in the air!

STEP 5 - Reserve minifigure from LEGOLENA finally you got a new one! Make sure that you'll take good care of minifigure what you swaped.

Restaurants,Shop, and LEGOLAND Japan Hotel

We have Minifigure Trading Posts across the Resort where a variety of different Minifigures await you! These posts can be found in the following locations: Restaurants and Shops in the Park or Hotel LEGOLAND Japan Hotel Front Desk



〈Rules For Minifigure Trading〉

  • Rules for Minifigure Trading
  • All Minifigures must be in a complete form including: hair or hat, head, body and legs in order to qualify for the trade.
  • Limited to ONE trade per person.
  • It may set a limit on the number of times on events.
  • Do not touch it directly with the hands except figure when you swap .
  • Minifigure is carved or painted cannot participate.
  • On commercial purposes for re-sale cannot participate.

  ※Measures to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff

  • Wearing a Mask even when you swap minifigure.
  • Please cooperate with keeping social distance as possible.
  • Please cooperate with hand disinfecting before you swap.
  • It may be canceled depending on the spread of the infection.