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Bricks Family Restaurant

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Buffet with a variety of dishes

Buffet-style restaurant where you can enjoy your meal in the colourful world of LEGO bricks. Open for breakfast and dinner. The breakfast buffet offers Japanese and Western dishes, while the dinner buffet offers Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes as well as a kids' menu.

Check Dinner Calendar (PDF)

Breakfast Buffet

Chef's special local ingredients are used to prepare everything from starters to desserts. Live cooking is also available for egg dishes. Please enjoy the live cooking.

*Breakfast is only available in the Bricks Family Restaurant.

Full Buffet Dinner

Bricks Family Restaurants will be holding special dinner buffets during major long holidays, summer holidays and New Year's Eve.

*Details will be updated as necessary.
*We reserve the right to change the availability, duration and menu without prior notice.

See the Full Buffet Menu (PDF)

Mini Buffet Dinner

The Mini Buffet at Brix Family Restaurant is an all-you-can-eat all-you-can-drink dinner of soup, pilaf, bread, dessert and soft drinks plus one main course of your choice. (Reservations not required).

See the Mini Buffet Menu (PDF)

Dinner Plate (weekday only)

One-plate menu with salad, soup and drink bar available on weekdays only. The kids' menu includes all-you-can-eat Lego fries and soft-serve ice cream in addition to the drink bar. (Reservations not required).

See the Dinner Plate Menu (PDF)

Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian options include the hamburger steaks with soya meat hamburger and plant-based demi-glace style sauce, and the vegan sushi plate that contains no animal ingredients.


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