brick or treat

Our cute, but a bit spooky ghosts will welcome you to our Halloween Party! Starts on September 15 (Sat.)!

Ghost Park

The ghosts are hosting a party in the area behind MINILAND. During the special Halloween event period, the area transforms into "Ghost Park!" Come along and join the party – pick up your invitation card from the friendly ghost,Pike!

Giant Pumpkin

A Giant Pumpkin made of some 62,000 LEGO® Bricks will hit the scene! Let's snap a photo together with the Giant Pumpkin on the main stage!

giant pumpkin

Halloween Party Costume Contest

New characters in town just for this Halloween period will be here! Everyone who entered the contest has the chance to be awarded the best costume. You'll receive a fun present if you’re chosen as the winner!

At the end of the contest, watch out for something falling from the sky?! Also, don’t miss the gigantic ghost balloon that will appear at the finale!

Halloween Party Costume Contest Rules

How to participate

Meet Halloween Characters Stamp Rally

Come along and meet this year’s new characters! Let's collect 5 stamps by meeting with the special characters who will only be here during the Halloween period! Once you collect all 5 stamps, you can enroll in the drawing to win an awesome gift.

Halloween LEGO® Building Contest

We’re having a Halloween LEGO® Building Contest at "Ghost Park" and "LEGO® Creative Workshop"! After you’ve built your very own, original LEGO® model of Halloween characters etc., make sure to take a photo. Then, go ahead and post your photo on Instagram along with your age and a caption with the hash tag #legolandhw. The best picture out of all those posted will be announced later.

Take a commemorative photo together with the models you’ve built, at booths with various themes in the event area.

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Halloween Festive Treats

Introducing our cute, maybe a little scary, ghost themed foods!

1st photo: Halloween Hamburger Steak Set (with salad, dessert and drink)

Available at: Knight's Table Restaurant

2nd photo: Monster Drink

Available at: Oasis Snacks and others

3rd photo: Ghost Nan Curry (Sweet/Spicy) 

Available at: Pit Stop Juice 'N' Drive

4thphoto:  LEGO® Hot Dog Black (Plain/Cheese)

Available at: Walk the Plank Snacks

※Recipes may be changed without notice

Halloween goods

Make sure to check out all the fun goods, available during the Halloween period!

1st picture: Minifigure Trading Bag

2nd picture: Build a Minifigure

3rd picture: Set of 3 colorful tins of candy

4th picture: Assorted sweets bucket

5th picture: LEGO®Storage Pumpkin

6th picture: Tote bags (Skull or Jack o’ Lantern)

Limited Edition Factory Bricks

Let's participate in the LEGO®Factory Tour and receive a limited edition brick only available during the Halloween period! You’ll never, ever be able to collect the park's original LEGO®Bricks, if you miss the chance here!

factory tour

Minifigure Trading

During the Halloween event period, you can exchange your Halloween Minifigure with our staff. When you find a staff who is displaying your favorite Minifigure, be bold! Go right up and cheerfully ask them, "Why don't we exchange Minifigures!"


Take a look around you at the flowers in the park, which are changing with the seasons! Wow! You know what? "Chocolate cosmos" that actually smells like chocolate is planted in the park! Let’s have fun searching for such exotic plants around the park!

MINILAND - Halloween version

MINILAND was hijacked by ghosts? As the ghost train runs through MINILAND, a haunted house and ghostly boat will appear! Can you find the ghosts in this MINILAND with a different atmosphere?

Halloween Candy Station

Just say “Brick or Treat” to receive your candy!

Can you successfully get candies from the magical pumpkin or scarecrow that appear only once a day?

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