How LEGOLAND is also Educational

How can somewhere that is so much fun possibly be really educational too we hear you ask? Well, we would be honoured to tell you how LEGOLAND Japan is both fun and educational. When children play they are learning valuable social, cognitive and physical skills and building in particularly also develops other skills such as spatial awareness, problem solving and motor skills BUT in a fun and playful way - pretty cool, hey?


Play and Learn

So when you think your children are just playing, they are far from it. On top of all these skills, learning through play also helps to develop a positive attitude towards learning and at LEGOLAND Japan, your creative genius’ can play their way through the whole park, learning new ways to express their ideas and figure out how they can conquer the world, one brick at a time.



Made from over ten million LEGO bricks, Miniland is not only breathtaking and awe-inspiring, but it is a wealth of information for young minds. The amazing models replicate some of Japans cities, including Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima, so a walk through Miniland is such a rare opportunity for your children to see all of these cities and their most famous landmarks in one location. Listen to your little ones “oooh” and “aaaah” as they explore the interactive cities and watch them change from day to night.


Lego Factory

What better way to learn how LEGO is made than to actually visit the factory and see it with your own eyes.  As you walk through the corridors you can read The LEGO Story and learn about the history of how it all started and how it has developed and become so big over the years. You’ll then have a tour of the factory and see all the machinery that it takes to create all the different LEGO pieces before being giving a present to take home, which is a piece of LEGO straight from the production line.


Creative Workshops

Choose from one of our seven creative workshops where kids can learn the basics of programming and become a master builder themselves. Our Master Builders can create literally anything from LEGO bricks and your little ones will pick up insider tips and super tricks they can then also go and show off to their friends when they get home.


Learn to Drive

Kids can get behind the wheel and learn to drive safely at LEGO City. After watching a road safety video, children get to drive an electric car around a realistic course encountering traffic lights, roundabouts and other drivers. At the end, they all earn their very own LEGOLAND® Driving License.

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