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If you’re wondering about our LEGOLAND location, and why we chose Nagoya  for our resort and hotel, then read on to learn more about Nagoya and why we think so highly of it. We’ve also included some interesting and fun facts about the building of LEGOLAND Japan.


A History Lesson

Named after a famous manor, Nagoya became a city in 1889 and was the second city in Japan to establish a public transportation system, made up of railways, ports and canals. The establishment of such efficient and convenient systems led to the rapid development of such industries and Nagoya soon became a modern commercial and industrial city. In 1957 the construction of the subway system began, which was completed for the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. Nagoya is now a hug transportation hub in Japan and the main railway service, Shinkansen (Bullet Train), means it is super easy to get to and from Nagoya from anywhere.


Three Fun Facts About Nagoya 名古屋に関する3つの興味深い事実

  1. A city of temples and shrines - Nagoya has many beautiful and famous landmarks, including Nagoya Castle (one of Japan's Three Famous Castles), Atsuta Jingu (one of Japan's most important Shinto shrines), and Osu Kannon Temple (a popular Buddhist temple in the heart of the city.
  2. A Guinness World Record Holder - Nagoya Station is not only Japan’s biggest railway station but the JR Central Towers is the world’s largest station building and is even in the Guinness World Record Holder.

  3. Home to Toyota Motor Corporation - Another world record holder for the fastest selling car in the world. Since 1966, Toyota has been manufacturing and selling a Corolla on average every 37 seconds. As of 2013 the rate has increased to 27 seconds on average. How insane is that!

Why we chose Nagoya?

● Nagoya is located between the two major cities of Tokyo and Osaka and has exceptional public transport connections that run directly to and from them both.

● Nagoya showed their support for the attraction by investing in more infrastructure to handle the influx of visitors they would receive, including a 5000 car parking facility.

● Nagoya is very family orientated with the highest rate of third generation families living together in Japan.

● There is a strong local market in Nagoya due to the size of the automobile manufacturing industry and the opening of Centrair Airport in 2005.

Come and visit us if you stop by Nagoya anytime soon, we would love to see you at the park.


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