New Attraction “LEGO® City Beach Party” is unveiled!

Starting June 30, 2018

LEGOLAND® Japan is hosting a Summer Party!

From June 30 (Sat.) to September 2 (Sun.), we’re having a seasonal event, “LEGOLAND® Summer Party” on the theme of “Let’s enjoy every inch of LEGOLAND® Japan!”

beach party map

On June 30 (Sat.), a new attraction “LEGO® City Beach Party” is opened on the stage in LEGO® City Area, where you can rock out soaking wet! You’ll have a blast drenched to your skin in this red hot summer!

Note: The illustrations shown here are images for reference only.

Splash Pad

Everyone can play on the slide shaped like a LEGO® Brick and other fun places to climb on in the shallow (10cm deep) water area. Watch out for water falling out of the big buckets!

<Attraction Information>

  • Capacity: approx. 100 guests
  • Restrictions: Children under 6 yearsof age must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or above.

Build A Boat

For those who are not too keen about getting wet, “BUILD-A-BOAT” is for you!

Enjoy the new attraction, “BUILD-A-BOAT” where you can float boats you create from LEGO® Bricks in a pool.

Create your own original boat!

Note: The photos shown here are images for reference only.

Bricool summer

Boys and Girls of all ages, let’s do some warm-up exercises together! LEGOLAND®’s Blackbeard will be on the scene, too. Gather up your whole family and head to LEGOLAND® Japan to see him!

<Practice Time Details>

  • Schedule: On weekends and national holidays only, 3 times per day
  • Duration: Approx.15 minutes

Summer drink

Try snazzy cocktail-style drinks and experience the world of adults by the beach!

Note: These drinks do not contain alcohol.


 Available at:Ice Factory


“Brick Natsu-Matsuri” kicks off on Sunday, July 29th! There will be tons of fun activities to participate in, like the “LEGO® Big Build” Event where you can construct a huge watermelon from LEGO® Bricks, scoop for goldfish made from LEGO® Bricks, watermelon splitting and other activities packed with summer fun!