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Enter the world of NINJAGO® and join the courageous Ninjas – Kai, Nya and friends– on a mission to protect Bandit, a YinYang Dragon who will one day fully grow into a powerful Light Dragon.
This Bunraku*-style (文楽) LEGO® NINJAGO LIVE interactive adventure lets you experience the exhilarating action-packed world of NINJAGO like never before, through a combination of state-of-the-art 4D special effects, mesmerising puppetry and mind-blowing video mapping.
It's simply a must-see!
*Bunraku (文楽), also known as Ningyō jōruri (人形浄瑠璃), is the traditional puppet theatre of Japan, a high-level stage art.

[Area]  Bricktopia

[Type]  Theater、IndoorAttraction


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Park operation during the winter

We may change the operation hours depending on the weather condition such as heavy snow, ice or low temperature. We hope you enjoy our winter friendly attractions and food when the cold weather arrives.