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Appropriate for

Height restrictions:No limit

Rider must be 6 - 13 years of age.

ドライビングスクール 03 Rsd

Driving School

Where else can a 6-13 year old get their own driver’s license?

After watching a road safety video, children jump in their very own electric car where they then drive around a realistic circuit before being rewarded with their very own driver’s license at the end.

The ride has been made to replicate real world driving conditions with roundabouts, traffic lights and other signals that have rules they must obey. To ensure the course looks as authentic as possible, we’ve added in some awesome details, such as a gas station and people walking their dogs down the street.

Kids feel so grown up driving their own car and parents feel proud as they watch their children concentrate and learn to become good drivers. This is a really fun ride that will also teach your children how to be safe on the road.

[Area]  LEGO City

[Type]  Ride、With photo shoot

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