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Chicken Diner

Visit and have juicy LEGO Chicken Sandwich or one of our other chicken meals! Combo meals come with a drink(free refills). Do not forget to check the LEGO models in the restaurant.

※Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

※Operation hours might be changed without notice.


Recommended Menus

Red Sand

LEGO®Chicken Sandwich Set Tartar Sauce
with LEGO Fries , Salad and Drink Bar


Green Sand

LEGO®Chicken Sandwich Set Teriyaki Sauce
with LEGO Fries , Salad and Drink Bar



Chicken Wrap Set

with LEGO Fries , Salad and Drink Bar



2 Piece Meal(Box) Set/4 Piece Meal(Box) Set

with LEGO Fries ,Salad and Drink Bar



Family Bucket - 8 piece chicken, 4 fries, 4 drinks

with LEGO Fries , Drink Bar



Kids' Pancake and Waffle Set

with Drink Bar


※For children up to age 11


Baked Sweet Potato Soft Serve Ice Cream




French Fries


Chicken Nugget


Caramel Churos


Low Allergen Food(Croquette Curry)with Drink Bar


Canned Beer


Non-Alcoholic Beer(SUNTORY All-Free)