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Allergen Information



8 food ingredients specified by law
Egg, Milk, Wheat, Peanuts, Shrimp, Buckwheat, Crab, Walnut
20 food ingredients recommended to be labeled

Salmon roe, Kiwifruit, Soybean, Cashew nut, Banana,

Yam, Peach, Apple, Mackerel, Sesame, Salmon, Squid, Chicken,

Gelatin, Pork, Orange, Beef, Abalone and Matsutake mushroom


For those guests who are allergic to certain food ingredients


LEGOLAND Japan wishes our guests who are allergic to certain food ingredients to enjoy meals with peace of mind together with their family and friends in our resort.
Therefore,we offer "Low allergen menus" that are virtually free of certain allergens at some of our restaurants. For further details, please access the relevant information by clicking on the button below.

With regard to restaurant menus, you can confirm the above 28 specific food allergens based on current actual ingredients used.

For your reference, those guests who have certain dietary restrictions are allowed to bring in their own meals to the restaurants in LEGOLAND Japan.
Please consider this alternative as well.