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Group School Form

Received the School Group Reservation

Example : Class1, 35 students
Please describe if ther is any request or special note

Eligible schools

  • Eligible schools (up to elementary schools): Schools that have received approval by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, schools specified by the School Education Act, facilities specified by the Child Welfare Act, and overseas schools Please direct inquires to our call center for other requests.


  • Available only for formal events of eligible schools and facilities.
  • A group of at least 20 persons including adults and children is eligible for the program. Please make sure to have a teacher who would be a guardian for the group. A group of less than 20 persons cannot apply for the program. A school with less than 20 students can apply jointly with another school. Although the admission fee is free for children two years old or younger, they will not be included in the number of people in the group.
  • The admission fee is free for one guardian per 20 children (parents are not included).
  • Reservations up to June 30th, 2020 can be made. Future schedules will be posted on our website when available.
  • Workshops cannot be reserved and lunch cannot be brought in on weekends, holidays and specified days. (Please refer to the Group Reservation Calendar(2020.1~6) for details.)
  • The application of the program and the reservation of the Workshop will be handled on a first come, first served basis.
  • The annual passport cannot be used for this program since it offers special services for school groups.
  • We would like to ask each group to enter the site with all members of the group together. Reentry to the site is not permitted.
  • Certain conditions such as height, age, and whether accompanied with an adult apply depending on the attraction.
  • Please note that various fees and contents may change without prior notice.
  • The closing date of application for this program is the 30th day before  the reserving day (until 5 pm). Applications may not be received after the closing date.
  • We are responsible of the handling personal information we receive from our customers and it will be used only for the purpose of handling the reservation process and contacting customers at the site on the reserved day.
  • Please note that information contained here does not apply for tourist companies.

Change and cancel of reservation

  • If any change with the reservation such as number of persons or the date is necessary, please contact us at least 21 days before the reserved date (before 5 pm).
  • A service charge (300 yen per person) will apply when the number of persons of the group is reduced after the 21st day before the reserved date (before 5 pm).
  • We do not accept complete cancelation after the 21st day  before the reserved date (before 5 pm).


  • Changes after reservation may not be accepted due to details of the change.