Our Annual Passport Center is now open!


Have you been able to redeem your Annual Passports tickets already?

Please make sure that you have an Annual Passport with your picture, as shown below.


* Illustration only.

If you don't have your Annual Passport with your picture on it yet, please exchange your ticket at our Annual Pass Centre. 

Click here to find the location of the Annual Passport Center on our park map.

* The exchange to a passport with a photo is also essential for all 1ST TO PLAY Annual Passport holders.
* In case of long queues in front of our Annual Passport Centre, we'll issue time slot tickets, so that you know when to come back to the Centre and don't have to stand in line.


Q1. I have not redeemed my ticket to an Annual Passport with photos yet, can I enter the park via the entrance gate?

A1. Yes, you can enter LEGOLAND® Japan via the entrance gate. However, please bring a certificate that allows you to verify your identity at the time of entry. Your ID might be checked at the entrance.


Q2. I am going to LEGOLAND®  Japan for the first time, what should I do?

A2. If you visit LEGOLAND® Japan for the first time please come to the ticket booth and exchange your ticket to an Annual Pass afterwards within the Annual Pass Centre.

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