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Appropriate for

Height restrictions:90cm~

Guests 90cm~105cm must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Dragon's Apprentice 20

Dragon's Apprentice

Designed for the youngsters but with the same thrills as The Dragon make this the perfect introduction to roller coasters for your little prince and princesses.

The friendly looking dragon train takes passengers up to the top of the castle ruins before it plunges in a spiral motion towards the ground. You will duck and dive and twist and turn around the castle grounds as you experience what it’s like to soar through the skies like a dragon.

This ride completes the circuit twice make it even longer and more fun!

[Area]  Knight's Kingdom

[Type]  Thrilling rides、With photo shoot

What's makes THIS special

A mini coaster that can be ridden by small children (90 cm)

A smaller roller coaster than The Dragon will take you on two laps around the track. The whole family can enjoy the ride together.

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