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Legoboost 036

Robotic Play Center(2F)

Come and build your very own LEGO Mindstorm robot, using the most sophisticated of all LEGO technology.

Our Robotics for Young Beginner workshop is designed for children in 1st to 3rd grade and our Robot Box workshop is designed for children in 4th to 6th grade.

Both 45 minute workshops are based on government curriculum guidelines so your little ones will gain a real education and experience what it takes to become a programming genius.

Participants will use a WED02 tablet to program and control their very own robot!


Information of the workshop:

Robotics for Young Beginner
For 1st grade to 3rd grade children of elementary school

Robot Box
For 4th grade to 6th grade children of elementary school

A 45-minute workshop free of charge for children at each grade of elementary school based on government curriculum guidelines.
*A reservation is necessary for the workshop. Please apply in advance at the Robotic Play Center.
*Please note that contents of the workshop may change without prior notice

[Area]  Bricktopia

[Type]  Indoor attraction、Reservation required

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