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Knight's Table Restaurant

You can shop for castles, dragons, and fantasy goods, here!

※The photograph is an image. It may not be open due to circumstances.

Knight's Kingdom,

Recommended Menus


Christmas Family Set


※This MENU is referable for Four parsons serving

Roast Beaf

Kokkun Grill and Roast Beef Combo Set



Bone-in Chicken Set with Demi-Glace Sauce


Grilld Steak

Grilled Steak with Japanese Sauce Set



Shrimp Tempura Curry Kishimen and Pork Kakuni Donburi Set


Hashed Beaf

Santa Cheese Hashed Beef



Samon and Mushroom Cream Saute Set


Santa Kids

Santa Kids' Set


※For children up to age 6

Kids Teriyaki

Kids' Udon and Teriyaki Chicken Donburi Set


※For children up to age 6


Christmas Cream Puff


Roll Cake

Srawberry Santa Roll Cake



Draft Beer


Low Allergen Food(Croquette Curry)


Low Allergen Food(Rice with Assorted Ingredients)


Low Allergen Food(Chicken Pilaf)