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Appropriate for

Height restrictions:No limit

Rider must be 3 - 5 years of age

ジュニアドライビング 05 650Mini

Jr.Driving School

Driver’s are getting younger every day at LEGOLAND Japan’s Jr Driving School. This ride is similar to our Driving School for bigger kids, but it has been designed to be much simpler for our young 3-5 year old drivers.

Your little ones will learn how to drive safely while playing in their very own, one pedal, electric car and you will hear them squeal with delight as they weave in and around the oval shaped course.

Just like our older drivers, they will also receive their very own Driver’s license at the end.

[Area]  LEGO City

[Type]  Ride、With photo shoot

What's makes THIS special

Capture your child's precious first time driving on the shutter

Driving a car alone from the age of 3! Let's remember the first moment when you do everything by yourself until you get on and off!

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