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Appropriate for

target age:all

Height restrictions:No limit

ビルド ア ボード モデル 009 650Mini

Build a Boat

Love water but not so keen on getting wet? Let your creativity flow in LEGO CITY at our new attraction “Build a Boat” where you will receive boat hulls and LEGO bricks so you can design and build your own unique boat that you can then race against friends and family and other LEGOLAND visitors.

With interactive launch platforms and dam breaks located along the river that you can use to control the water, you’re shore to have a whale of a time during this fun filled race to the finish.

[Area]  LEGO®City

[Type]  Playarea、With roof、Splash water

Other Activities

Park operation during the winter

We may change the operation hours depending on the weather condition such as heavy snow, ice or low temperature. We hope you enjoy our winter friendly attractions and food when the cold weather arrives.