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Appropriate for

Height restrictions:No limit

Recommended for children between 3~12 years old

ザワーフ 07 650Mini

The Wharf

Climb on board the boat to help the LEGO Coast Guards at The Wharf look out for anyone who might run into trouble down in LEGO City.

While you’re waiting for some action you can have fun exploring the boat, climbing up to the top deck, whizzing down the slide or shooting down the fireman's pole as you watch fellow explorers cruise around the moat from the Coast HQ ride next door.

Parents can relax in the seated area under a parasol to escape the sunshine and even grab a refreshment for the family from the nearby food stand.

[Area]  LEGO®City

[Type]  Playarea

Other Activities

Park operation during the winter

We may change the operation hours depending on the weather condition such as heavy snow, ice or low temperature. We hope you enjoy our winter friendly attractions and food when the cold weather arrives.