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From July 8th, our Summer-Exclusive [NEW Water Maze] Attraction is now OPEN! Come join a water-filled adventure covering approximately 2,400㎡! Make your way through the maze, take on the many slides and obstacles, dodge the multiple water cannons and discover the hidden treasures, guarded by none other than… a BLUE DRAGON!? (Made of roughly 3.2 MILLION LEGO Bricks!)

[Open] July 8th ~ August 31th


[Type]  Ride、Splash water、Summer time Only

Reservation required

Summer time Only

Guest must be aged more than 4 years

Children between ages 3 to 6 require adult supervision

Reservation Times

Time slots

Time slots

start from
start from
  • Subject to limited capacity, time slots will close once fully booked.
  • For those without smart phones, please approach our area staff.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances such as system issues or weather, attraction operations may be halted. In this case, reservations will no longer be valid and the attraction will not be usable. Additionally, no recovery or alternatives will be offered in the case of time changes and/or closure of the attraction.


Water Maze Rules & Regulations
  •  Minimum age requirement is 3 years old.
  •  Children between ages 3 to 6 require adult supervision.
  •  Footwear is not allowed within the area.
  •  All participants, including supervising adults, are required to wear swimwear.
  •  Guests who do not meet the ride requirements will not be allowed access.
  •  Change room facilities are not available within the area.
  •  Please change into swimwear prior to entering.